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Welcome to an open source and free platform under constant scrutiny and improvement by a vibrant global community, whose energy, connectedness, talent and commitment is unmatched.

Ubuntu is also the third most deployed desktop OS in the world.

Design comes first - build upon solid principles

From solid fundamental principles to refined UI building blocks and typography, all Ubuntu apps share a simple design and superb functionality.

From top to bottom, they feel and behave as part of the same family, regardless of the implementation toolkit.

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The Ubuntu App platform - develop with seamless device integration

The list of Ubuntu App Platform APIs is long and constantly growing, integrating all Ubuntu apps seamlessly into the device experience, whatever the app’s toolkit and coding language.

Security and privacy are not after-thoughts and are built at the core of our APIs to empower users and developers.

This tight integration also enables a true write-once, run-everywhere approach that conserves precious developer time.

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Your first app

Get the tools

Developers feel right at home and productive in the Ubuntu SDK IDE, whatever their experience.

This integrated development environment offers a richly featured and deeply integrated set of development tools that gears up productivity and includes direct access to attached Ubuntu devices and Ubuntu emulators.

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Pick your language

For the UI, you can choose either QML or HTML5 to write Ubuntu apps.

For the logic, JavaScript, Qt and other languages such as Python or Go can power refined QML UIs.

Note: for starters, we recommend QML and JavaScript, which are the languages used in most tutorials.

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