Implementation of Category class for testing. More...

#include <unity/scopes/testing/Category.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Category (std::string const &id, std::string const &title, std::string const &icon, CategoryRenderer const &renderer_template)
 Creates category instance. More...
 Category (VariantMap const &variant_map)
 Deserializes category from a variant data. More...
src="https://assets.ubuntu.com/v1/c6607712-closed.png" alt="-"/> Public Member Functions inherited from unity::scopes::Category
std::string id () const
 Get identifier of this Category. More...
std::string title () const
 Get title of this Category. More...
std::string icon () const
 Get icon of this Category. More...
CannedQuery::SCPtr query () const
 Query to perform when this category is expanded. More...
CategoryRenderer const & renderer_template () const
 Get renderer template of this Category. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of Category class for testing.

This class inherits from the unity::scopes::Category and provides a public constructor that allows for creating categories with no need to register them via a real instance of unity::scopes::SearchReply.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

unity::scopes::testing::Category::Category ( std::string const &  id,
std::string const &  title,
std::string const &  icon,
CategoryRenderer const &  renderer_template 

Creates category instance.

idThe identifier of this category
titleThe title of this category
iconThe icon of this category
renderer_templateThe renderer template
unity::scopes::testing::Category::Category ( VariantMap const &  variant_map)

Deserializes category from a variant data.

variant_mapSerialized category