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Import Statement: import QtQuick.Particles 2.0


Detailed Description

This element allows you to set timed transitions on particle groups.

You can also use this element to group particle system elements related to the logical particle group. Emitters, Affectors and Painters set as direct children of a ParticleGroup will automatically apply to that logical particle group. TrailEmitters will automatically follow the group.

If a ParticleGroup element is not defined for a group, the group will function normally as if none of the transition properties were set.

Property Documentation

duration : int

The time in milliseconds before the group will attempt to transition.

durationVariation : ParticleSystem

The maximum number of milliseconds that the duration of the transition cycle varies per particle in the group.

Default value is zero.

name : string

This is the name of the particle group, and how it is generally referred to by other elements.

If elements refer to a name which does not have an explicit ParticleGroup created, it will work normally (with no transitions specified for the group). If you do not need to assign duration based transitions to a group, you do not need to create a ParticleGroup with that name (although you may).

system : ParticleSystem

This is the system which will contain the group.

If the ParticleGroup is a direct child of a ParticleSystem, it will automatically be associated with it.

to : ParticleSystem

The weighted list of transitions valid for this group.

If the chosen transition stays in this group, another duration (+/- up to durationVariation) milliseconds will occur before another transition is attempted.