FontUtils is a context property, which provides utility functions for font manipulations. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3


Detailed Description

FontUtils cannot be instantiated and it is already available as a context property, i.e. 'FontUtils' is an instance that can be used from anywhere in the code.

Example of a Label implementation which uses the default base scale for the font size:

import QtQuick 2.4
import Ubuntu.Components 1.2
Text {
property string fontSize: "medium"
font.pixelSize: FontUtils.sizeToPixels(fontSize)

Another example of a custom text input component exposing a fontSize property and a base font unit size to scale its font:

import QtQuick 2.4
import Ubuntu.Components 1.2
TextInput {
property string fontSize: "small"
property int baseFontUnits: units.dp(20)
font.pixelSize: FontUtils.modularScale(fontSize) * units.dp(baseFontUnits)

Method Documentation

real modularScale(string size)

The function returns the number interpretation of a given font scale. The scale can have one of the following values:

  • xx-small
  • x-small
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • x-large

real sizeToPixels(string size)

The function calculates the pixel size of a given scale. The size scale can be one of the strings specified at modularScale function. On failure returns 0.