Quick Start

The AutopilotTestCase is the main class test authors will be interacting with. Every autopilot test case should derive from this class. AutopilotTestCase derives from testtools.TestCase, so test authors can use all the methods defined in that class as well.

Writing tests

Tests must be named: test_<testname>, where <testname> is the name of the test. Test runners (including autopilot itself) look for methods with this naming convention. It is recommended that you make your test names descriptive of what each test is testing. For example, possible test names include:


Launching the Application Under Test

If you are writing a test for an application, you need to use the launch_test_application method. This will launch the application, enable introspection, and return a proxy object representing the root of the application introspection tree.


Wrapper around testtools.TestCase that adds significant functionality.