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Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3


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Detailed Description

Label is an extended Text item with Ubuntu styling. It exposes an additional property that provides adaptive resizing based on the measurement unit.


Rectangle {
color: UbuntuColors.warmGrey
width: units.gu(30)
height: units.gu(30)
Label {
anchors.centerIn: parent
text: "Hello world!"
textSize: Label.Large

Property Documentation

textSize : enumeration

This property holds an abstract size that allows adaptive resizing based on the measurement unit (see Units). The default value is Label.Medium.

Note: Setting this disables support for the deprecated fontSize property.

  • Label.XxSmall - extremely small font size
  • Label.XSmall - very small font size
  • Label.Small - small font size
  • Label.Medium - medium font size
  • Label.Large - large font size
  • Label.XLarge - very large font size

This QML property was introduced in Ubuntu.Components 1.3.