An interface for camera capture related settings. More...

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia 5.4


Detailed Description

CameraImageProcessing provides control over post-processing done by the camera middleware, including white balance adjustments, contrast, saturation, sharpening, and denoising

It should not be constructed separately, instead the imageProcessing property of a Camera should be used.

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtMultimedia 5.0
Camera {
id: camera
imageProcessing {
whiteBalanceMode: Camera.WhiteBalanceTungsten
contrast: 0.66
saturation: -0.5

Property Documentation

contrast : qreal

Image contrast adjustment. Valid contrast adjustment values range between -1.0 and 1.0, with a default of 0.

denoisingLevel : qreal

Adjustment of denoising applied to image.

Valid denoising level values range between -1.0 for for denoising disabled, 0 for default denoising level and 1.0 for maximum denoising applied.

manualWhiteBalance : qreal

The color temperature used when in manual white balance mode (WhiteBalanceManual). The units are Kelvin.

See also whiteBalanceMode.

saturation : qreal

Image saturation adjustment. Valid saturation adjustment values range between -1.0 and 1.0, the default is 0.

sharpeningLevel : qreal

Adjustment of sharpening level applied to image.

Valid sharpening level values range between -1.0 for for sharpening disabled, 0 for default sharpening level and 1.0 for maximum sharpening applied.

whiteBalanceMode : enumeration

WhiteBalanceManualManual white balance. In this mode the manual white balance property value is used.
WhiteBalanceAutoAuto white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceSunlightSunlight white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceCloudyCloudy white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceShadeShade white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceTungstenTungsten white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceFluorescentFluorescent white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceFlashFlash white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceSunsetSunset white balance mode.
WhiteBalanceVendorVendor defined white balance mode.

See also manualWhiteBalance.