Style API for page header. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components.Styles 1.3


  • Obsolete members


Detailed Description

The component defines the style API for the PageHeader component.

Property Documentation

backgroundColor : color

The color of the background of the header.

[read-only] buttons : ActionItemProperties

Configuration of the colors of the action buttons in the header.

contentHeight : real

The height of the header excluding the divider and extension.

defaultActionDelegate : Component

The delegate used for the buttons in the leading and trailing ActionBar in the header.

dividerColor : color

The color of the divider at the bottom of the header.

foregroundColor : color

The color of the title and the action buttons in the header.

subtitleColor : color

The color of the (optional) subtitle.

subtitleComponent : Component

The default component to display the subtitle.

titleComponent : Component

The default contents that will be loaded when no contents Item was set.