The BottomEdgeHint shows the availability of extra features available from the bottom edge of the application. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3


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Detailed Description

It displays a label and/or an icon at the bottom of the component it is attached to.

When used with a mouse it acts like a button. The typical action associated with clicking on it should be revealing the extra features provided by the bottom edge.


BottomEdgeHint {
id: bottomEdgeHint
text: i18n.tr("Favorites")
onClicked: revealBottomEdge()

The component is styled through BottomEdgeHintStyle.

Property Documentation

deactivateTimeout : int

The property specifies the timeout interval in milliseconds the status is set to Inactive after a gesture based activation. Gesture based activation is only possible when mouse is not attached to the device. Defaults to 800 milliseconds.

flickable : Flickable

The property holds the flickable, which when flicked hides the hint. Hidden state is reached when this property is set to a Flickable which is flicking or moving. It is recommended to set the property when the hint is placed above a flickable content. Defaults to null.

iconName : string

The icon associated with the BottomEdgeHint in the icon theme.

If both iconSource and iconName are defined, iconName will be ignored.

iconSource : http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-url.html">url

The icon displayed by the BottomEdgeHint.

This is the URL of any image file. If both iconSource and iconName are defined, iconName will be ignored.

status : Status

The property represents the status of the hint. The property is writable so it can be set to any of the following values programatically:

HiddenThe hint is not shown. Equivalent with setting visible to false, however visuals may do animations when altering this property. It can only be set if the current status is not Locked.
InactiveThe hint is shown and inactive. Styles can represent this state with different visuals. When inactive, clicked signal cannot be emitted.
ActiveThe hint is shown and active, meaning clicked signal is emitted when clicked with mouse.
LockedSimilar to Active the hint is shown and active, but no automatic transition to any other state is allowed. This is relevant for style implementations.

Note: Locked status value is set automatically when the system detects a mouse attached. In this case any change into other state value than Locked is rejected. Defaults to

  • Inactive if no mouse is attached or
  • Locked if there is a mouse detected.

[read-only] swipeArea : SwipeArea

The property specifies the SwipeArea attached to the component driving its behavior.

text : string

The label displayed by the BottomEdgeHint.

Signal Documentation

void clicked()

This handler is called when there is a mouse click on the BottomEdgeHint and the BottomEdgeHint is not disabled.