The DetailFilter element provides a filter based around a detail value criterion. More...

Import Statement: import QtContacts 5.0


Detailed Description

This element is part of the QtContacts module.

See also QContactDetailFilter.

Property Documentation

detail : enumeration

This property holds the detail type of which details will be matched to.

See also ContactDetail::type.

field : int

This property holds the detail field type of which detail fields will be matched to. Detail field types are enumeration values defined in each detail elements.

See also Address, Anniversary, Avatar, Birthday, DisplayLabel, EmailAddress, Family, Favorite, Gender, GeoLocation, GlobalPresence, Guid, Name, Nickname, Note, OnlineAccount, Organization, PhoneNumber, Presence, Ringtone, SyncTarget, Tag, Timestamp, Url, and Hobby.

matchFlags : enumeration

This property holds the semantics of the value matching criterion. The valid match flags include:

  • MatchExactly - Performs QVariant-based matching (default).
  • MatchContains - The search term is contained in the item.
  • MatchStartsWith - The search term matches the start of the item.
  • MatchEndsWith - The search term matches the end of the item.
  • MatchFixedString - Performs string-based matching. String-based comparisons are case-insensitive unless the MatchCaseSensitive flag is also specified.
  • MatchCaseSensitive - The search is case sensitive.

value : variant

This property holds the value criterion of the detail filter.