A Toolbar is the JavaScript representation of an Ubuntu HTML5 app <em>footer</em>.

######Contained List provides buttons The Toolbar contains a List, where each list item is treated as a Button (see below). List items (Buttons) are pushed to the right. The default Back button always exists to the left and does not need to be declared.

#####Default and custom footers See the Pagestack class documentation for information about the default application-wide Footer, customizing it, and adding Page-specific Footers.

UbuntuUI.Toolbar( )

 <footer data-role="footer" class="revealed" id="footerID">
<a href="#" id="home">Home</a>
JavaScript access:
var toolbar = UI.toolbar("toolbarID");
UI.button('home').click(function () {
  • Methods
element( )

Returns the DOM element associated with the id this widget is bind to.

       var mytoolbar = UI.toolbar("toolbarid").element();
hide( )

Hide a Toolbar

show( )

Display a Toolbar

toggle( )

Toggle show/hide status of a Toolbar