Parent class of various list item classes that can have an icon and a progression symbol. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components.ListItems 1.3


Inherited By:

MultiValue, SingleValue, and Subtitled.

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Detailed Description

Note: The component is deprecated. Use ListItem component instead.

Examples: See subclasses

Property Documentation

fallbackIconName : string

The icon shown in the list item if iconName failed to load (optional).

If both fallbackIconSource and fallbackIconName are defined, fallbackIconName will be ignored.

Note: The complete list of icons available in Ubuntu is not published yet. For now please refer to the folders where the icon themes are installed:

  • Ubuntu Touch: /usr/share/icons/suru
  • Ubuntu Desktop: /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark

These 2 separate icon themes will be merged soon.

fallbackIconSource : http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-url.html">url

The location of the icon to show in the list item if iconSource failed to load (optional).

iconFrame : bool

Show or hide the frame around the icon

progression : bool

Show or hide the progression symbol.