Represents an instance of an online account. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts 0.1




Detailed Description

The Account element represents an online account. It is functional only if its objectHandle property is set to a valid account, which can be obtained with Manager.loadAccount() or Manager.createAccount().

Property Documentation

accountId : string

The account's numeric ID. This is 0 until the account has been stored into the DB.

accountServiceHandle : object

A C++ object which can be used to instantiate an AccountService by setting it as the value for the AccountService::objectHandle property.

displayName : string

The account's display name (usually the user's login or ID).

enabled : bool

This read-only property tells whether the Account is enabled. An application shouldn't use an Account which is disabled.

objectHandle : object

An opaque handle to the underlying C++ object. Until the property is set, the Account element is uninitialized. Similarly, if the C++ object is destroyed, expect the Account to become invalid.

provider : jsobject

An immutable object representing the provider which provides the account. The returned object will have at least these members:

  • id is the unique identified for this provider
  • displayName
  • iconName

Signal Documentation


Emitted when the account changes have been stored into the permanent storage.

Method Documentation

void remove()

Deletes the account from the permanent storage. This method accepts an optional parameter, which tells whether the credentials associated with the account should also be removed:

  • Account.RemoveAccountOnly
  • Account.RemoveCredentials - the default

void sync()

Writes the changes to the permanent account storage.

void updateDisplayName(string displayName)

Changes the display name of the account.

See also sync().

void updateEnabled(bool enabled)

Enables or disables the account.

See also sync().