The DetailFieldFilter element provides a filter based around a detail value criterion. More...

Import Statement: import QtOrganizer 5.0



Detailed Description

Simple example how to utilize DetailFieldFilter element together with OrganizerModel and ListView elements:

Rectangle {
height: 400; width: 400;
id: organizer
startPeriod: "2009-01-01"
endPeriod: "2012-12-31"
filter: todoFilter
DetailFieldFilter {
id: todoFilter
detail: Detail.Type
field: Type.FieldType
value: Type.Todo
ListView {
width: parent.width; height: parent.height;
model: organizer.items
delegate: Text {text: displayLabel}

See also QOrganizerItemDetailFieldFilter.

Property Documentation

detail : enum

This property holds the detail type of which the detail filter will be matched to. The value shuold be the enumeration value of Detail::type.

field : enum

This property holds the detail field type of which the detail field filter will be matched to. The value should be the filld enumeration value defined in each detail element.

See also EventTime, JournalTime, TodoTime, TodoProgress, Reminder, AudibleReminder, VisualReminder, EmailReminder, Comment, Description, DisplayLabel, Guid, Location, Parent, Priority, Recurrence, Timestamp, ItemType, and Tag.

matchFlags : enumeration

This property holds the semantics of the value matching criterion. The valid match flags include:

  • MatchExactly - Performs QVariant-based matching (default).
  • MatchContains - The search term is contained in the item.
  • MatchStartsWith - The search term matches the start of the item.
  • MatchEndsWith - The search term matches the end of the item.
  • MatchFixedString - Performs string-based matching. String-based comparisons are case-insensitive unless the MatchCaseSensitive flag is also specified.
  • MatchCaseSensitive - The search is case sensitive.

value : variant

This property holds the value criterion of the detail field filter.

Signal Documentation


See also QtOrganizer5::Filter::onFilterChanged.