Container providing captionStyles for a twin-label column that can be used in RowLayout or GridLayout. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3
Since: Ubuntu.Components 1.2


Detailed Description

The labels are placed in a column and can be accessed through title and subtitle properties. The default spacing between the labels is 0.5 grid units.

The container only shows the labels which has its text property set to a valid string. The labels not having any text set are not occupying the space. When embedded in a positioner or in a RowLayout, the container is aligned vertically centered. It is recommended to be used in context with RowLayout or GridLayout, however can be used with any component.

import QtQuick 2.4
import Ubuntu.Components 1.3
ListItem {
RowLayout {
Captions {
title.text: "Caption"
subtitle.text: "Subtitle text"
// attached properties of an Item type property
// can be changed only with assignment
Component.onCompleted: subtitle.Layout.alignment = Qt.AlignRight
Captions {
captionStyle: Ubuntu.SummaryCaptionStyle
title.text: "Text"
subtitle.text: "Text"

Additional items can also be added to the layout after the two labels.

Captions {
title.text: "Caption"
subtitle.text: "Subtitle"
Label {
text: "third line"
textSize: Label.XxSmall

Property Documentation

captionStyle : int

The property configures the arrangement and font sizes of the Labels in the component. It can take the following values:

  • Ubuntu.TitleCaptionStyle - (default) typical configuration for a left aligned twin-label setup, where the text covers the remaining area on a list layout.
  • Ubuntu.SummaryCaptionStyle - configuration for a right-aligned twin label setup, with 6 grid units width.

[read-only] subtitle : Label

Label occupying the bottom area of the container.

[read-only] title : Label

Label occupying the top area of the container.