Slider is a component to select a value from a continuous range of values. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3





Detailed Description

The slider's sensing area is defined by the width and height, therefore styles should take this into account when defining the visuals, and alter these values to align the graphics' sizes.

See also the Design Guidelines on Sliders.


Item {
Slider {
function formatValue(v) { return v.toFixed(2) }
minimumValue: -3.14
maximumValue: 3.14
value: 0.0
live: true

Property Documentation

live : bool

Defines whether the value is updated while the thumb is dragged or just when the thumb is released.

maximumValue : real

The maximum value from the continuous range of values. If this value is lesser than minimumValue, the component will be in an inconsistent state.

minimumValue : real

The minimum value from the continuous range of values. If this value is greater than maximumValue, the component will be in an inconsistent state.

pressed : bool

Whether the Slider is currently being pressed.

stepSize : real

The distance between two selectable values in the range defined by [minimumValue, maximumValue].

value : real

The current value of the slider. This property is not changed while the thumb is dragged unless the live property is set to true.

Signal Documentation

touched(bool onThumb)

The signal is emitted when there is a click on the slider. The onThumb parameter provides information if the click, was inside of the thumb element.

Method Documentation

formatValue( v)

This function is used by the value indicator to show the current value. Reimplement this function if you want to show different information. By default, the value v is rounded to the nearest integer value.