Autopilot Exceptions.

This module contains exceptions that autopilot may raise in various conditions. Each exception is documented with when it is raised: a generic description in this module, as well as a detailed description in the function or method that raises it.

exception autopilot.exceptions.BackendException(original_exception)

An error occured while trying to initialise an autopilot backend.

exception autopilot.exceptions.ProcessSearchError

Object introspection error occured.

exception autopilot.exceptions.StateNotFoundError(class_name=None, **filters)

Raised when a piece of state information is not found.

This exception is commonly raised when the application has destroyed (or not yet created) the object you are trying to access in autopilot. This typically happens for a number of possible reasons:

exception autopilot.exceptions.InvalidXPathQuery

Raised when an XPathselect query is invalid or unsupported.