The Pagestack manages all Pages in a stack data structure. Initially, the Pagestack contains no Pages. The <em>push()</em> method is normally executed on load to display the app starting page.


The topmost Page on the Pagestack is always displayed.

The Pagestack is declared as a direct child of the <em>content</em> div.

#####Default application wide footer The Pagestack contains a default <em>footer</em> (represented in JavaScript as a Toolbar), even if you do not declare one in HTML. The <em>footer</em> has a single Back button. #####Customized application wide footer This application-wide <em>footer</em> can be customized (for example, you can add Buttons) by declaring a <em>footer</em> as a direct child of the <em>pagestack</em> div (see example). ######Page specific footers A <em>page</em> may declare a page-specific <em>footer</em> as a child element.

UbuntuUI.Pagestack( )

<div data-role="mainview">
<header data-role="header">
<div data-role="content">
<div data-role="pagestack">
<div data-role="page" id="main" data-title="Page 1">
<div data-role="page" id="page2" data-title="Page 2">
<footer data-role="footer" class="revealed" id="footerPage2">
<footer data-role="footer" class="revealed" id="footerAppWide">
</div>  <!-- end of Pagestack div -->
JavaScript access:
  • Methods
clear( )

Clears the whole page stack

PageID | Null currentPage( )

Gets the id attribute of the page element on top of this pagestack

Returns: <PageID | Null>
  • The topmost page's id attribute, else null when there are no pages on this pagestack
Number depth( )

Gets the number of pages in this pagestack

Returns: <Number>
  • The number of pages in this pagestack
Boolean isEmpty( )

Checks for zero pages in this pagestack

Returns: <Boolean>
  • True when this pagestack has no pages, else false
pop( )

Pops the current page off this pagestack, which causes the next page to become the top page and to display

push( id, properties )

Push a page to the top of this pagestack

  • id <String>
    • The id attribute of the page element to be pushed
  • properties <Object>
    • A list of properties passed down to the page that is to be activated