The PlaceAttribute type holds generic place attribute information. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 5.3
Since: Qt Location 5.0


Detailed Description

A place attribute stores an additional piece of information about a label properties are intended to be displayed to the user. PlaceAttributes are stored in an ExtendedAttributes map with a unique key.

The following example shows how to display all attributes in a list:

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtPositioning 5.2
import QtLocation 5.3
ListView {
model: place.extendedAttributes.keys()
delegate: Text {
text: "<b>" + place.extendedAttributes[modelData].label + ": </b>" +

The following example shows how to assign and modify an attribute:

    //assign a new attribute to a place
var smokingAttrib = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation 5.3; PlaceAttribute {}', place);
smokingAttrib.label = "Smoking Allowed"
smokingAttrib.text = "No"
place.extendedAttributes.smoking = smokingAttrib;
//modify an existing attribute
place.extendedAttributes.smoking.text = "Yes"

Property Documentation

attribute : QPlaceAttribute

For details on how to use this property to interface between C++ and QML see "Interfaces between C++ and QML Code".

label : string

This property holds the attribute label which is a user visible string describing the attribute.

text : string

This property holds the attribute text which can be used to show additional information about the place.