Using QtSensorGestures

With the Sensor Gestures classes, you are able to easily utilize device gesturing using sensors, such as the accelerometer and proximity.

A list of currently supported sensor gestures and their descriptions can be found here: Qt Sensor Gestures

Using QtSensorGestures is easy. There are two main classes you will need to use:

  • QSensorGestureManager: can be used for determining which sensor gestures are available.
  • QSensorGesture : for connecting the sensor gesture signals.
// Create a QSensorGestureManager
QSensorGestureManager gestureManager;
// Get a list of known recognizers
QStringList recognizersList = gestureManager.gestureIds();
// Create a QSensorGeture object for each of those gesture recognizers
QSensorGesture *gesture = new QSensorGesture( gestureManager.gestureIds(), this);
// Connect the known signals up.
connect(gesture, SIGNAL(detected(QString)), this, SLOT(gestureDetected(QString)));

More information about the sensor gesture recognizers can be found in QtSensorGestures Plugins.

Main Classes

The primary classes that make up the QtSensorGestures API:


Represents one or more sensor gesture recognizers


Manages sensor gestures, registers and creates sensor gesture plugins

The primary classes that make up the QtSensorGesturesRecognizers API:


The pure virtual interface to sensor gesture plugins


The base class for a sensor gesture recognizer

Details of the QSensorGesturePlugins available