class scope_harness.CategoryMatcher((object)arg1, (str)arg2)

Matcher object that holds constraints for matching search category.

components((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (object)arg2) → CategoryMatcher
has_at_least((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (int)arg2) → CategoryMatcher :

Set the minimum number of categories

Set the header link to match

icon((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (str)arg2) → CategoryMatcher :

Set the icon to match

match((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (Category)arg2) → MatchResult

match( (CategoryMatcher)arg1, (MatchResult)arg2, (Category)arg3) -> None

mode((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (CategoryMatcherMode)arg2) → CategoryMatcher :

Set the matching mode, see CategoryMatcherMode.

renderer((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (object)arg2) → CategoryMatcher :

Set the renderer string to match

result((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (ResultMatcher)arg2) → CategoryMatcher
title((CategoryMatcher)arg1, (str)arg2) → CategoryMatcher :

Set the title to match