A model of the account providers More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts 0.1



  • variant get(int row, string roleName)

Detailed Description

The ProviderModel is a model representing the account providers installed on the system.

The model defines the following roles:

  • displayName, the user-visible name of this provider
  • providerId, the unique identifier of the account provider
  • iconName, the name of the icon representing this provider
  • isSingleAccount, true if this provider supports creating one account at most
  • translations, the localization domain for translating the provider's display name

Property Documentation

applicationId : string

If set, the model will only show those providers which are relevant for the given applicationId. This means that a provider will only be shown if at least one of its services can be used by the application, as described in the application's manifest file.

count : int

The number of items in the model.

Method Documentation

variant get(int row, string roleName)

Returns the data at row for the role roleName.