The ProgressBar component visually indicates the progress of a process of determinate or indeterminate duration. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3


Detailed Description


Item {
ProgressBar {
id: indeterminateBar
indeterminate: true
ProgressBar {
id: determinateBar
minimumValue: -3.0
maximumValue: 15

Property Documentation

indeterminate : bool

Specifies whether the progress interval is unknown. When set, altering other properties do not have any effect on the component's behavior. By default the property is set to false.

maximumValue : real

Specifies the maximum value of the progress.

minimumValue : real

Specifies the minimum value of the progress.

showProgressPercentage : bool

Specifies if the value of the progress is visible

This QML property was introduced in Ubuntu.Components 1.1.

value : real

Specifies the current value of the progress