Devices - reinstalling Android

After installing Ubuntu, you can reinstall Android (which removes Ubuntu).

Warning: All Ubuntu apps and data, including user-generated data, are deleted.

Downloading Android image files

At any time you can download the Android files needed to restore your system.

This table displays links to common Android images:

Device Android images by type
Nexus 4 occam
Nexus 10 mantaray
Nexus 7 2013 WiFi razor
Galaxy Nexus takju or yakju
Nexus 7 nakasi or nakasig

From there, select the correct build version and download it.

Tip: Select the build version that was installed originally on your Android device. You can always upgrade it from inside Android.

Extracting the download

  • Extract the downloaded file. For example, if the download file name is razor-kot49h-factory-ebb4918e.tgz, extract as follows:
$ tar -xzf razor-kot49h-factory-ebb4918e.tgz
  • Move into the extract directory, for example:
$ cd razor-kot49h

Rebooting into the bootloader

  • Connect the device to your Ubuntu Desktop over USB.
  • Ensure adb lists the device:
$ adb devices
List of devices attached
025d138e2f521413 device
  • Reboot the device into bootloader mode:
$ adb reboot bootloader

Reinstalling Android

You need to be in the extract directory for the Android image you previously downloaded.

Warning: All Ubuntu apps and data are deleted.

  • Run the command (in the image extract directory):
$ ./

Note: In some cases you may need to use sudo, as follows: $ sudo ./

Wait. When the process is complete, Android boot to its welcome page.

Optionally restoring Android data and apps

If you made a backup of your Android data and apps before installing Ubuntu, you can restore it as follows:

  • You must first have enabled USB Debugging in the Android OS and connected your Ubuntu desktop to the device over USB (see here).
  • Open a terminal on your Ubuntu Desktop with Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Move into the directory that contains your backup.ab file.
  • Restore the backup.ab file to Android:
$ adb restore backup.ab

Optionally lock the device

In order to install Ubuntu, the device was “unlocked”. You can optionally lock it.

$ fastboot devices
025d138e2f521413 fastboot
  • Lock the device:
$ fastboot oem lock
  • Reboot into Android:
$ fastboot reboot