Why design for Ubuntu?

Design an app that will be part of a growing new eco-system which is powered by a thriving community.

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  • Your app will be part of the third most deployed desktop OS in the world, which is free and accessible to all

  • Your app will be able to work seamlessly across all Ubuntu client platforms (desktop, phone, tablet)

  • The list of Ubuntu App Platform APIs is ever expanding, integrating all Ubuntu apps seamlessly into the Unity shell and user experience, whatever the app’s toolkit and coding language

  • Join a vibrant global community whose enthusiasm, energy, connectedness, many talents and commitment is unmatched

The Ubuntu App Platform

The list of Ubuntu apps is constantly growing and evolving. This tight integration also enables a true write-once, run-everywhere approach that conserves precious developer and designer time.


The Music app is a perfect example of how the Design Team has collaborated with the community to produce a well designed and functional app that works on all form factors.



See how the Music app was put together from the people who made it in this video.


The Clock app encapsulates the clear and concise Suru language with its straight lines and fold out design.



Read about how the new Clock app reflects convergence design thinking.


The Dekko app is an email client that was created in collaboration with the community and is one of the first showcase convergent apps.



Read an interview with the community member that collaborated with the Ubuntu Design Team to achieve Dekko.

Get involved


Put your creativity to work by improving the look and feel of Ubuntu. Help design graphics, backgrounds or themes for the next release.

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Write and package new software or fix bugs in existing software. Write apps on QML or HTML5.

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Help produce official documentation, share the solution to a problem, or check, proof and test other documents for accuracy.

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