Provides access to reviews of a Place. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 5.3
Since: Qt Location 5.0


Detailed Description

The totalCount property.

To use the ReviewModel model and a delegate.

    ListView {
anchors.fill: parent
model: place.reviewModel
delegate: ReviewDelegate { }

The model returns data for the following roles:

dateTimedatetimeThe date and time that the review was posted.
textstringThe review's textual description of the place. It can be either rich (HTML based) text or plain text depending on the provider.
languagestringThe language that the review is written in.
ratingrealThe rating that the reviewer gave to the place.
reviewIdstringThe identifier of the review.
titlestringThe title of the review.
supplierSupplierThe supplier of the review.
userUserThe user who contributed the review.
attributionstringAttribution text which must be displayed when displaying the review.

Property Documentation

batchSize : int

This property holds the batch size to use when fetching more reviews.

place : Place

This property holds the Place that the reviews are for.

totalCount : int

This property holds the total number of reviews for the place.