class autopilot.application.UpstartApplicationLauncher(case_addDetail=None, emulator_base=None, dbus_bus='session')

A launcher class that launches applications with UpstartAppLaunch.A class that knows how to launch an application with a certain type of introspection enabled.

  • case_addDetail – addDetail method to use.
  • proxy_base – custom proxy base class to use, defaults to None
  • dbus_bus – dbus bus to use, if set to something other than the default (‘session’) the environment will be patched
launch(app_id, app_uris=[])

Launch an application with upstart.

This method launches an application via the upstart-app-launch library, on platforms that support it.

Usage is similar to NormalApplicationLauncher:

from autopilot.application import UpstartApplicationLauncher
launcher = UpstartApplicationLauncher()
app_proxy = launcher.launch('gallery-app')
  • app_id – name of the application to launch
  • app_uris – list of separate application uris to launch
Raises RuntimeError:

If the specified application cannot be launched.


proxy object for the launched package application


Return an instance of ApplicationLauncher that knows how to launch the application at ‘app_path’.