Represents a transfer of content between two ContentPeers More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Content 1.1



Detailed Description

See documentation for ContentHub

Property Documentation

contentType : ContentType

Specifies the ContentType requested.

destination : QString

Provides the app id of the destination application for this transfer

direction : ContentTransfer.Direction

ContentTransfer::direction indicates if this transferobject is used for import or export transaction

ContentTransfer.Direction is an enumeration:
ContentTransfer.ImportTransfer is a request to import content.
ContentTransfer.ExportTransfer is a request to export content.
ContentTransfer.ShareTransfer is a request to share content.

downloadId : string

The Download Manager ID of a SingleDownload, which will then be transfered to the selected peer.

items : list<ContentItem>

List of items included in the ContentTransfer

selectionType : ContentTransfer.SelectionType

ContentTransfer::selectionType indicates if this transfer object allows single or multiple selection of items

ContentTransfer.SelectionType is an enumeration:
ContentTransfer.SingleTransfer should contain a single item.
ContentTransfer.MultipleTransfer can contain multiple items.

source : QString

Provides the app id of the source application for this transfer

state : ContentTransfer.State

ContentTransfer.State is an enumeration:
ContentTransfer.CreatedTransfer created, waiting to be initiated.
ContentTransfer.InitiatedTransfer has been initiated.
ContentTransfer.InProgressTransfer is in progress.
ContentTransfer.DownloadingTransfer is downloading item specified by downloadId.
ContentTransfer.DownloadedDownload specified by downloadId has completed.
ContentTransfer.ChargedTransfer is charged with items and ready to be collected.
ContentTransfer.CollectedItems in the transfer have been collected.
ContentTransfer.AbortedTransfer has been aborted.
ContentTransfer.FinalizedTransfer has been finished and cleaned up.

store : string

ContentStore where the ContentTransfer will add items

Method Documentation


Sets State to ContentTransfer.Finalized and cleans up temporary files


Start the transfer, this sets the State to ContentTransfer.Initiated