Provides a way to apply a 4x4 tranformation matrix to an Item More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick 2.4


Detailed Description

The Matrix4x4 type provides a way to apply a transformation to an Item through a 4x4 matrix.

It allows for a combination of rotation, scale, translatation and shearing by using just one tranformation provided in a 4x4-matrix.

The following example rotates a Rectangle 45 degress (PI/4):

Rectangle {
width: 100
height: 100
color: "red"
transform: Matrix4x4 {
property real a: Math.PI / 4
matrix: Qt.matrix4x4(Math.cos(a), -Math.sin(a), 0, 0,
Math.sin(a),  Math.cos(a), 0, 0,
0,           0,            1, 0,
0,           0,            0, 1)

Property Documentation

matrix : QMatrix4x4

4x4-matrix which will be used in the tranformation of an Item