OptionSelector is a component displaying either a single selected value or expanded multiple choice with an optional image and subtext when not expanded, when expanding it opens a listing of all the possible values for selection with an additional option of always being expanded. If multiple choice is selected the list is expanded automatically.

UbuntuUI.OptionSelector( )

 <section data-role="option-selector" id="OptionSelectorID">
<li data-value="0">
<p>Label 1</p>
<li data-value="1">
<p>Label 2</p>
<li data-value="3">
<p>Label 3</p>
JavaScript access:
UI.optionselector("OptionSelectorID", true);
Expanded and multi selection:
UI.optionselector("OptionSelectorID", true, true);
Multi selection:
UI.optionselector("OptionSelectorID", false, true);