Get the test configuration dictionary.

Tests can be configured from the command line when the autopilot tool is invoked. Typical use cases involve configuring the test suite to use a particular binary (perhaps a locally built binary or one installed to the system), or configuring which external services are faked.

This dictionary is populated from the --config option to the autopilot run command. For example:

autopilot run --config use_local

Will result in a dictionary where the key use_local is present, and evaluates to true, e.g.-:

from autopilot import get_test_configuration
if get_test_configuration['use_local']: print("Using local binary")

Values can also be specified. The following command:

autopilot run --config fake_services=login

...will result in the key ‘fake_services’ having the value ‘login’.

Autopilot itself does nothing with the conents of this dictionary. It is entirely up to test authors to populate it, and to use the values as they see fit.


Return the autopilot source and package versions.


Return true if the vis package is installed.