The EventOccurrence element provides an occurrence of an event. More...

Import Statement: import QtOrganizer 5.0



Detailed Description

See also OrganizerItem, Event, Journal, Todo, TodoOccurrence, Note, and QOrganizerEventOccurrence.

Property Documentation

allDay : bool

This property indicates whether the time-of-day component of the event occurrence's start date-time or end date-time is insignificant. If allDay is true, the time-of-day component is considered insignificant, and the event occurrence will be an all-day item.

endDateTime : date

This property holds the date time at which the event occurrence ends.

location : string

This property holds the label of the location at which the event occurrence is held.

originalDate : date

This property holds the date at which the occurrence was originally going to occur.

parentId : int

This property holds the id of the event which is this occurrence's parent.

priority : enumeration

This property holds the priority of the event occurrence. The value can be one of:

  • Priority.Unknown
  • Priority.Highest
  • Priority.ExtremelyHigh
  • Priority.VeryHigh
  • Priority.High
  • Priority.Medium
  • Priority.Low
  • Priority.VeryLow
  • Priority.ExtremelyLow
  • Priority.Lowest

startDateTime : date

This property holds the start date time of the event occurrence.

Signal Documentation


See also OrganizerItem::onItemChanged.