The OrientationHelper automatically rotates its children following the orientation of the device. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3


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Detailed Description

Any Item placed inside an Orientation Helper will be automatically rotated following the orientation of the device.

Note that OrientationHelper is always filling its parent (anchors.parent: fill).


Item {
OrientationHelper {
Label {
text: "Automatically rotated"
Button {
text: "Automatically rotated"

Property Documentation

anchorToKeyboard : bool

The property holds if the OrientationHelper should automatically resize the contents when the input method appears

The default value is false.

automaticOrientation : bool

Sets whether it will be automatically rotating when the device is.

The default value is true.

orientationAngle : int

Calculates the current orientation angle.

[read-only] rotating : bool

Exposes whether the orientationTransition is running.

transitionEnabled : bool

Sets whether the rotation transition is performed.

The default value is true.