Component holding style specific properties to configure a particular StyledItem's style runtime. More...

Import Statement: import .
Since: Ubuntu.Components 1.3


Detailed Description

StyleHints is a custom parser, meaning style properties can be listed without any property declaration, same way as in PropertyChanges or Connections, which are similar custom parsers. Properties enumerated do not have to be present in the component's style as default, behavior which can be chenged by setting ignoreUnknownProperties to true. In this case properties not found in the style will be displayed as warnings.

In the following example the Button will be drawn as white when not pressed, and colored as blue when pressed.

Button {
id: button
StyleHints {
defaultColor: button.pressed ? "blue" : "white"

StyleHints does not support signal properties (i.e signal handlers) and object declarations as property values.

StyleHints can be only declared in a StyledItem or as a derivate of it.

Property Documentation

ignoreUnknownProperties : bool

The property drives whether component should warn on properties not found in the component's style. The default setting is not to warn.