Style API for ComboButton component. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components.Styles 1.3



Detailed Description

The component defines the style API for the ComboButton component.

Property Documentation

comboListHolder : Item

The item which will hold the combo list data. Implementations can point both this and comboListPanel to the same component, however separate items should be used if a gap between the panel and the content is required. See Ambiance theme.

comboListMargin : real

Distance between the combo list and the main button.

comboListPanel : Item

The item pointing to the panel holding the combo list and additional design artifacts. It is used by the component to drive the expansion size.

defaultColor : color

Default color for the main button.

defaultDropdownColor : color

Default color for the dropdown button and the combo list both when expanded and collapsed. Implementations can define different color for expanded/collapsed using the styledItem.expanded property.

defaultFont : http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-font.html">font

Default font used in the main button.

defaultGradient : Gradient

Default gradient for the main button.

Width of the dropdown button separator.

Width of the drop down button.