Make it Ubuntu

Consider the following features to create a truly unique and beautiful Ubuntu experience within your app. 750w_MakeItUbuntu_MainImage (1)

1. Create a consistent look across your app

366w_MakeItUbuntu_GridLayout (1)

Simply place your designs over the layout by using the grid units to help you arrange your content in a more readable, manageable way.

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2. Create a unique experience with the bottom edge

366w_MakeItUbuntu_BottomEdge (1)

The bottom edge provides a more accessible way to obtain content or actions within your app. Use it to create something special.

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3. Surface most important features inside your app


Let the user know where they are, what they can do and where they can go by using the Ubuntu Header.

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4. Make your app beautiful with our Ubuntu fonts and icon designs

366w_MakeItUbuntu_Fonts (1)

The uniquely stylish Ubuntu font influences UI elements and icons, making them distinctive and consistent.