Holds scope attributes such as name, description, icon etc

  • Methods

String art( )

Get the scope art

Returns: <String> String author( )

Get the scope author

Returns: <String> String description( )

Get the scope description

Returns: <String> String display_name( )

Get the scope display name

Returns: <String> String hot_key( )

Get the scope hot key

Returns: <String> String icon( )

Get the scope icon

Returns: <String> Boolean invisible( )

Checks if the scope is invisible

Returns: <Boolean> Boolean location_data_needed( )

Checks if the scope needs location data

Returns: <Boolean> String scope_directory( )

Gets the scope directory

Returns: <String> String scope_id( )

Get the scope identifier

Returns: <String> String search_hint( )

Get the scope search_hint

Returns: <String>