Component configuring the metrics of a column in AdaptivePageLayout. More...

Import Statement: import Ubuntu.Components 1.3
Since: Ubuntu.Components 1.3



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

fillWidth : bool

Specifies whether the width of the column should fill the available space of the AdaptivePageLayout column or not. Defaults to false.

maximumWidth : real

Specifies the maximum width of the column. A maximum value of 0 will be ignored. Defaults to the maximum positive value.

minimumWidth : real

Specifies the minimum width of the column. Defaults to 0.

preferredWidth : real

Specifies the preferred width of the column when the layout is initialized. Defaults to 0. AdaptivePageLayout clamps the given value between minimumWidth and maximumWidth. The value must be set if the fillWidth and minimumWidth are not set.