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Import Statement: import QtLocation 5.3
Since: Qt Location 5.0



Detailed Description

The PlaceSearchSuggestionModel can be used to provide search term suggestions as the user enters their search term. The properties of this model should match that of the PlaceSearchModel, which will be used to perform the actual search query, to ensure that the search suggestion results are relevant.

There are two ways of accessing the data provided by this model, either through the suggestions property or through views and delegates. The latter is the preferred method.

The limit - 1) will be returned. Support for paging may vary from plugin to plugin.

The model returns data for the following roles:

suggestionstringSuggested search term.

The following example shows how to use the searchArea is set to match what would be used to perform the actual place search with PlaceSearchModel.

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtPositioning 5.2
import QtLocation 5.3
PlaceSearchSuggestionModel {
id: suggestionModel
plugin: myPlugin
// Brisbane
searchArea: QtLocation.circle(QtLocation.coordinate(-27.46778, 153.02778))
onSearchTermChanged: update()
ListView {
model: suggestionModel
delegate: Text { text: suggestion }

See also PlaceSearchModel and QPlaceManager.

Property Documentation

limit : int

This property holds the limit of the number of items that will be returned.

See also offset.

offset : int

This property holds the index of the first item in the model.

See also limit.

plugin : Plugin

This property holds the provider Plugin which will be used to perform the search.

searchArea : geoshape

This property holds the search area. Search suggestion results returned by the model will be relevant to the given search area.

If this property is set to a geocircle its radius property may be left unset, in which case the Plugin will choose an appropriate radius for the search.

searchTerm : string

This property holds the partial search term used in query.

status : enum

This property holds the status of the model. It can be one of:

PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.NullNo search query has been executed. The model is empty.
PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.ReadyThe search query has completed, and the results are available.
PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.LoadingA search query is currently being executed.
PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.ErrorAn error occurred when executing the previous search query.

suggestions : stringlist

This property holds the list of predicted search terms that the model currently has.

Method Documentation


Cancels an ongoing search suggestion operation immediately and sets the model status to PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.Ready. The model retains any search suggestions it had before the operation was started.

If an operation is not ongoing, invoking cancel() has no effect.

See also status.

string errorString() const

This read-only property holds the textual presentation of latest search suggestion model error. If no error has occurred, or if the model was cleared, an empty string is returned.

An empty string may also be returned if an error occurred which has no associated textual representation.


Resets the model. All search suggestions are cleared, any outstanding requests are aborted and possible errors are cleared. Model status will be set to PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.Null.


Updates the model based on the provided query parameters. The model will be populated with a list of search suggestions for the partial offset may be specified. update() submits the set of parameters to the plugin to process.

While the model is updating the status is set to PlaceSearchSuggestionModel.Error and the model cleared.

This example shows use of the model

PlaceSeachSuggestionModel {
id: model
plugin: backendPlugin
searchArea: QtPositioning.circle(QtPositioning.coordinate(10, 10))
MouseArea {
onClicked: {
model.searchTerm = "piz"
model.searchArea.center.latitude = -27.5;
model.searchArea.cetner.longitude = 153;

A more detailed example can be found in the in Places (QML) example.

See also status.