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    • ActivationListenerBase - Base class to receive a response to a result activation request.
    • ActivationQueryBase - Base class for an activation request that is executed inside a scope.
    • ActivationResponse - Response to a result activation.
    • CannedQuery - Parameters of a search query.
    • CategorisedResult - A result, including the category it belongs to.
    • ChildScope - A container for details about an aggregator's child scope.
    • CompletionDetails - A container for details about the completion status of a query as well as any additional information regarding the operation of the request.
    • FilterGroup - Groups several filters into an expandable widget in the UI.
    • ListenerBase - Abstract base class to be notified of request completion (such as a query or activation request).
    • Location - Holds location attributes such as latitude, longitude, etc.
    • Object - The root base class for all proxies.
    • OperationInfo - A container for details about something of interest that occurs during the operation of a request.
    • QueryBase - Abstract server-side base interface for a query that is executed inside a scope.
    • QueryCtrl - QueryCtrl allows a query to be cancelled.
    • QueryMetadata - Base class for extra metadata passed to scopes as a part of a request.
    • RangeInputFilter - A range filter allows a start and end value to be entered by the user.
    • Registry - White pages service for available scopes.
    • Reply - Allows query termination to be sent to the source of a query.
    • Result - The attributes of a result returned by a Scope.
    • Runtime - The main object for query originators to access the scopes runtime.
    • Scope - Allows queries, preview requests, and activation requests to be sent to a scope.
    • ScopeBase - Base class for a scope implementation.
    • ScopeMetadata - Holds scope attributes such as name, description, icon etc.
    • SearchListenerBase - Abstract base interface for a client to receive the results of a query.
    • SearchMetadata - Metadata passed with search requests.
    • SearchQueryBase - Abstract base class to represent a particular query.
    • SearchReply - Allows the results of a search query to be sent to the query source.
    • ValueSliderFilter - A value slider filter that allows for selecting a value within a given range.
    • ValueSliderLabels - Labels used by a ValueSliderFilter.


  • Category - A set of related results returned by a scope and displayed within a single pane in the Unity dash.
  • CategoryRenderer - A category renderer template in JSON format.
  • ColumnLayout - Defines a layout for preview widgets with given column setup.
  • Department - A department with optional sub-departments.
  • FilterBase - Base class for all implementations of filters.
  • FilterOption - Holds definition of filter option for OptionSelectorFilter.
  • FilterState - Stores the state of multiple filters.
  • OptionSelectorFilter - A selection filter that displays a list of choices and allows one or more of them to be selected.


  • ConfigException - Exception to indicate that something went wrong with the contents of configuration files.
  • MiddlewareException - Exception to indicate that something went wrong with the middleware layer.
  • NotFoundException - Exception to indicate that an object wasn't found by a lookup function.
  • ObjectNotExistException - Exception to indicate that a (twoway) request was sent to an object with an unknown identity.
  • TimeoutException - Exception to indicate that a twoway request timed out.


Platform Services


  • Link - A hyperlink (label and canned query).
  • Variant - Simple variant class that can hold an integer, boolean, string, double, dictionary, array or null value.
  • VariantBuilder - Helper class for creating and populating Variant containers.