Web apps

The fastest path to Ubuntu

Ubuntu webapps are web-hosted sites displayed inside an Ubuntu app container. They are true apps that users install, see, launch and use. But their content is provided through URLs.

If you’ve created HTML5 apps or mobile websites for other platforms - there’s good news: you’re already almost on Ubuntu. We support both the Webkit/Blink and Cordova development standards. And with a separate API that enables websites to be quickly converted to run independently of a browser, the same goes for your web applications.


  • Super simple and easy to create and publish
  • Extend your websites into converged Ubuntu as apps
  • URL patterns control what can be opened in webapp and what goes to browser while enabling complex apps drawn from multiple URLs
  • Security: Links to other URLs open in browser, so user cannot be spoofed
  • Containment: Webapps use isolated cookies, history, etc. that is not shared with any browser
  • Integration with Ubuntu/Unity shell: Found as an app, launched as an app, displayed as app
  • Click packaged and distributed through the Ubuntu Software Store
  • Runs on Oxide, a state-of-the-art web engine based on Blink/Chromium, optimized for Ubuntu